DS 1750 M Zone 22


Dust problems in CONSTRUCTION work

With over 30 years of experience, Ruwac knows how important worker safety and cleaning up the job site is, especially for those working with fine, irritating concrete dust and hazardous silica dust.

All Ruwac mobile vacuum cleaners recommended for concrete and silica dust removal are highly efficient in tackling this difficult dust. These mobile vacuums are ideal for concrete grinders, scarifies, crack saws, and blast machines, to name a few.

What is silica? Soil, sand, granite, and other minerals used in concrete production naturally contain crystalline silica. Concrete grinding, cutting, and polishing are high-risk activities where workers expose to harmful levels of silica. Silica has the potential to cause major health problems, such as lung cancer. Minimizing the silica dust in the work environment can prevent this hazardous cause.

Ruwac takes pride in providing the concrete industry with a mobile vacuum system.

That can be depended on to last while keeping workers safe and custom-tailored to suit your business needs.

Image Article no. Description
Machine Customization
59803 Hose rack mounted on the noise suppression hood - RAL 9005 - size 330 L x 123 W x 238 H mm
77120 Clamps for an easier change of filters on vacuum cleaner DSZ1-WSZ2-DAZ, Zone 22, and dust class M & H - for 1.0 m2 filter
60922 Accessory holder in stainless steel - three holders for 50 mm accessories
902545 CEE Plug IP44, 3P+E 16A 415V Red
Add-On Option
900033 Pre-Separator Galvanized Steel with trolley and connection hose to D1 vacuum. 110 l with bag suction
902935 FESTOOL Surface Grinder with dust extraction connection - Grinder ∅130 mm / suction inlet connector 36 mm, idle RPM 3000 - 7700 - weight 3.8kg
Image Article no. Description
900067 Accessory Pack No. 6 - DN 50 mm : Heavy Duty Surface and Floor Cleaning with 5.0m Hose (Dry suction media)
1x M Hose PUR Transparent 50mm * 5.0 m
1x Curved Hand Pipe - 50 mm DN - Stainless Steel
1x Hand Pipe - DN 50 mm Stainless Steel 1.0m L - 1 Pieces
1x Floor Tool - 50mm DN - 500 mm wide - Aluminium Body - with Rollers
1x Mass suction nozzle - DN 50mm - Aluminium Body
1x Crevice Nozzle DN 50 - 80-10mm Stainless Steel
60636 DN 50 mm connection hose and galvanized sieve insert for preseparator bin with bag suction 110 L
Image Article no. Description
15258 Pocket filter 2.6 m²
901396 Disposable Poly Bag Plastic for SB 110 Preseparator - Pack of 10

*Specs subject to change without notice

  • Modular system components are easy to upgrade
  • Large integrated filter and can be regenated
  • GRP housing, impact spark free, extremely durable, and material cannot be rusted
  • Electro anti-static body, fully conductive housing
  • Easy and safe disposal with the dustbin