NA 7 – 11 Zone 22


This small Wet Separator vacuums the dust loaded air and guides it into a collecting tank which is filled with liquid. In this collecting tank air, dust and liquid are swirled which lets the dust attach to the liquid. The full collecting tank can be removed easily in order to dispose the sediment.

The RUWAC wet separation vacuums are safe vacuum cleaning machines for highly combustable and reactive powders in Additive Manufacturing such as Titanium, Aluminium and Magnesium.

Image Article no. Description
Electrical Customization
902658 Machine execution with all electrical components UL certified
901323 Electrical System 1.1 kW change to : 1.5 kW 1 * 110 V 60 Hz IP 65
901324 Electrical System 1.1 kW change to : 1.5 kW 1 * 120 V 60 Hz IP 65
901325 Electrical System 1.1 kW change to : 1.5 kW 1 * 220 V 60 Hz IP 65
Control System Function
63232 Filling level control in NA7-11 (proximity switch) for NA 7 - 11 models
Potential Equalization for Reactive Materials
59803 Potential equalization for NA 7-11 wet separator: 6 meter wire W233 H07 RN-F 1X6mm² black with wire termination 6mm² and potential equalization-connector 90°
Wheelbase Customization
72611 Wheel with rubber protection equipped on all corners
Optional from standard wheelbase
902544 CEE Plug IP67, 2P+E 16A 230V Blue
902543 CEE Plug IP67, 2P+E 16A 110V Yellow
70943 Trolley for removing and transport of liquid tank for NA 7
Image Article no. Description
902560 Accessory Pack DN 30 mm x 3.0 meter hose for
Vacuum cleaning of reactive powders and other suction media's sensitive to static charges.
Conductive (M) PUR Black DN 30 mm * 3.0m Hoses , a diameter 35mm curved hand pipe made of stainless steel,
stainless steel crevice nozzle for 35 mm connection, an anti-static brush with a stainless steel body,
and a stainless steel suction nozzle with a 15 mm anti-static plastic replaceable cap
Image Article no. Description
901346 Complete set of 3 CARTRIDGE FILTER 0.10 m² with dust class H and PTFE coated
Recommended change period: 100 operating hours
59120 Moisture separator size 290x190x50 mm
Recommended change period: 100 operating hours

*Specs subject to change without notice

  • Stainless steel immersion tank safely collects and neutralizes explosive media
  • Hydrogen relief valve allows for escape of hazardous gas
  • Grounding cable system and potential equalization
  • Grounded inlet
  • Anti-static casters
  • Filter class H module for Chrome 6 alloys and other hazardous powders included
  • Industry leading immersion separation systems
  • Package comes fitted with wheels, hose holder, cable holder , and accessory tray build on top
  • Antistatic accessories and hose package do avoid any static charges from forming
  • Option for UL approved electrical components available
    (compliance of electrical components with North American Regulations)