WSZ 2220 M Zone 22


Vacuum cleaning bread crumbs and flours residue for the bakery industry.

With RUWAC Industrial Vacuum, even Hot oven cleaning can be quick and easy to tackle. Fitted with a specially designed easy-grip long pipe, hose and accessories to withstand the high temperature and to protect the bakers from cleaning task like this.

RUWAC vacuum cleaners also save time outside the oven. The high suction power speeds up cleaning tasks on your equipment and the floor. It can also empty the dust container very quickly. This way, you can work more productively!

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Machine Customization
68935 Additional residual dust filter 3.2 m2 class H
59803 Hose rack mounted on the noise suppression hood - RAL 9005
size 330 L x 123 W x 238 H mm
901255 Stainless steel accessory holder mounted
on the side of the vacuum cleaner
for mounting floor tool and suction nozzle
902537 CEE Plug IP44, 3P+E 16A 415V Red
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902902 Accessory Pack DN 40 mm x 4.0-meter hose for
Vacuum cleaning in bakery industry with heat-resistant accessories
1x PUR hose DN 40 mm x 4 meter stainless steel connector DN 50 / DN 35
1x Stainless steel curved hand pipe DN 35
1x Stainless steel hand pipe 1 meter DN 35
1x Stainless steel heat sheathed hand pipe 1 meter long design for hot oven cleaning
1x Stainless steel floor tool with adjustable ground height made for hot oven cleaning
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24051 Cell Filter 1.0 m² Class M
46500 Residual Dust Filter 3.20 m² Class H

*Specs subject to change without notice

  • GRP (Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester) extremely durable, ignition and impact spark free
  • Modular component built hence easy upgradable
  • Very efficient main filter and it can be regenerated
  • Additional residual dust filter class H can be equipped for filtration of fine dust
  • All RUWAC machine equipped with a deflector designed for increased filter life
  • Safe and dust free removal with RUWAC dust emptying system